There are two golden rules in life; don’t backseat braai and never go to bed angry.

We can’t help with the former, but our Filmspace dispute resolution policy is guaranteed to turn any frown upside down.

If needed, here’s how it works:

1 - You, our super impressive filmmaker, wraps production and vacates the host’s property.

2 - You and the host inspect the property together within 3 business days and follow the below steps as needed:

- Is there damage? The host has 3 business days to let the filmmaker know that there are damages. This can be done over the Filmspace platform or directly with the Filmmaker

- No damage? The host has 3 business days to release - in other words reactivate - the property on the Filmspace platform. No notice or release of the property within 3 business days means they’re happy as can be and have waived the damage policy. The Filmspace will then be released automatically.

3 - If the host has provided written notice within 3 business days, it’s time for the filmmaker to get up, get moving, and repair or replace any damages within 7 business days:

- Was everything repaired within 7 business days? Great stuff! It’s time for the host to release the property on the Filmspace platform. If the host doesn’t get in touch or release the property on the platform, we’ll take it that everything went well and the damages policy will now be waived.

- No repairs done within 7 business days? Not. Cool. At. All. If this happens (and it really shouldn’t!), the host will get in touch (with proof of value for damaged items (i.e. purchase receipt) or an estimate from a licensed vendor for repairs).

We’ll then get in touch with you, the filmmaker, and investigate accordingly. If it’s clear that things didn’t work out as planned, we’ll deduct the total damages amount from the filmmaker’s account. The host will then get this money straight from us. Just be sure to let us know within at least 2 business days after the 7 day period. so we can get involved. If you don’t, we’ll assume that the host is satisfied and the damages policy will be waived.

… and done! That’s the Filmspace dispute resolution policy in 3 easy steps!

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