Think of Filmspace as your trusty do-it-all pocket knife, always ready to impress friends and family with a hidden screwdriver or truly random toothpick.

Our desktop and mobile-friendly website lets you scout the smart way; browse film-friendly locations from anywhere in the world using tons of handy filters, including price and features. All listings are totally transparent and offer all the details you’d come to expect from a world-class marketplace platform.

Spot something that matches your vision? Get in touch with the host via our platform, negotiate rates and rules which work for your budget, and… action! The cameras are rolling in just a few easy steps.

Our bespoke marketplace platform even automates all the paperwork and processes payment and payout, meaning filmmakers have their hands free to focus on what matters most: filmmaking.

The Filmspace crew is always around too, ready (and eager!) to support before, during and after shoots should it be needed.

Got a question? Pop us a mail over at and we’ll get back to you with the answers, and hey, maybe a secret braai tip or two.

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