Filmmakers grind like no one else, but every so often, schedules run behind. This doesn’t mean you, as the Host, will be left high and dry. In fact, you’ll stand to make some extra bucks!

Here’s how it works:

  • The first hour of overtime is billed 100% of the hourly rate.

  • Every 30 minutes after 1 hour is billed at 150% of the hourly rate.

  • Once filming wraps, Hosts and Filmmakers do a joint inspection, signing their agreement. Doing this is a biggie as it improves any claim.

  • You’ll then submit your claim over at

  • The Filmspace crew will then notify the Filmmaker of this claim, and receive the payment from the filmmaker through the Filmspace platform. Quick, easy, tidy!

Take note! : All service fees still apply. 

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