The Filmspace service fee - a flat 15% (ex VAT) - is collected from every booking payout. You might be asking why Filmspace collects this service fee… easy!

We've worked real hard at designing a payment model that’s as transparent as can be. This means, clear, up-front total pricing for hosts. There’s no cheeky hidden processing or sur-charges, just a straight up 15% (ex VAT) service fee. 

And because surprises are for horror films and birthday parties, we’re totally happy to share that the Filmspace service fee:

  • Supports our platform infrastructure

  • Provides for free listing and marketing of properties

  • Covers our electronic payment services

  • Helps run Filmspace as a company 

  • Pays for Vetkoek Friday’s at our offices

Lastly, to compensate for this service, we suggest increasing your rates to ensure that every payout aligns with your expectations.

Need more info? Check out this handy tip!

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