All payouts are executed through the Filmspace platform and are processed by our third-party payment provider.

On top of that, our payment system has been made as straightforward as possible. Seriously, who likes red tape? 

Here’s the low-down: 

  1. You receive a booking request (nicely done!).

  2. We deduct funds from the Filmmaker’s account as soon as you accept the booking, keeping the money safe and secure.

  3. From that very moment a booking is confirmed, our cancellation, refund and terms of service policies kick in. Just like that, peace of mind all the way! 

  4. Now get ready, ‘cause you, as our epic Filmspace Host, get paid 3 - 10 working days after the final booking day. After the final booking day, you’ll have up to 3 days to submit any claim you might feel is warranted. 

Done! No hassles, lots of fun, and tons of cash! 

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