Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, and for Hosts, that’s figuring out your Filmspace rate. 

Don’t feel intimidated or confused ‘cause we’re here to hold your hand every exciting step of the way!

Filmspace collects 15%

Right off the bat, factor in that Filmspace collects a flat 15% service fee (ex VAT) on bookings. Be sure to factor in our standard fee when considering your rate. 

Use a Sliding Fee Scale

Not all shoots are created equal. Some ads take a day or two, big budget films can take weeks - it’s up to you to decide a rate that you feel is fair and worthwhile. We suggest considering:

  • What similar Filmspace listings are going for. You don’t want to price yourself out of the market, right? 

  • How much money would make the juice worth the squeeze? By this we mean what’s the bare minimum you’d need to make your Filmspace a viable way of making money. There’s a rate that works for almost every Filmmaker, so don’t feel like you’ve gotta go in lower than is ideal. 

  • The length of the specific production and how many crew members will be on your property. Generally, you wouldn’t charge the same rate if it’s one indie Filmmaker making his dreams come true versus a full team filming Jurassic Park on your stoep.

  • Any costs incurred. Will you need to shut up shop for a week? Add that cost to your rates. Just a heads up: always be upfront and honest. We’re all about transparency so be sure to let Filmmakers know why you’ve added custom fees. For example, need a cleaning service after the shoot? Let them know! Does the pooch need a home away from home? Mention a kennel fee. 

Rule of thumb for rate calculation

Now that we’ve got the nitty gritty out of the way, here’s a handy tip for working out a general base rate. 

Charge 3x more than you would for, say a rather popular accommodation platform that we can’t mention for boring legal reasons, and divide that by 12. Boom! Now you’ve got an hourly rate.

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