In short, because it’s safe, easy, and honest. 

Here’s the rundown: we fully believe that our relationship with our hosts and filmmakers needs to be mutually beneficial and based on shared trust and transparency. That's why we've created policies, agreements and unique benefits that help protect everyone from stuff like fraud, potential risk, and other liabilities. 

By not sticking to the transparent and fair terms and conditions (we hate sneaky stuff and we know you do too!), you void our liability cover and other great benefits.  And, by not playing nice and keeping all bookings and communication on Filmspace, we won’t be able to protect everyone involved...and that means we’ll have to remove you from the community - a downright bummer for everyone. 

Filmspace platform benefits for Hosts

  • The Filmspace platform acts as a payment facilitator; payments and payouts are always safe, secure and on time.

  • Rest easy with R1 million Host liability cover

  • Securing bookings and getting great reviews means your Filmspace will earn you even bigger bucks. Here’s why: happy reviewers = better exposure = more bookings = more cash. Win!

  • Seamless communication with Filmmakers

  • Custom fees - it’s your call!

What happens if I take bookings off the Filmspace Platform?

Relationships are built on trust. So, as always, we’ll be totally honest: taking bookings off the platform is a violation of our terms & conditions, and as bleak as we’ll be forced to end our professional relationship.

Did a Filmmaker try and rent your property outside of the Filmspace platform? Not cool of them, at all! Please do get in touch to make sure your Host status isn’t affected.

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