Photographs are easily one of the best ways of promoting your Filmspace. Show (and tell!) all your unique features and style. By showing a Filmmaker exactly what’s on offer you’ll be able to build trust before the booking has even been confirmed.
Want some tips?

  • Clear any unnecessary clutter and distractions and let as much natural light in as possible. Open the curtains, open the doors and show off your Filmspace!

  • Consider the behind-the-scenes aspects too. Driveways, makeup areas and other spots are important for crews considering swift and budget-wise production.

  • Ensure that your composition is on-point and that the photographs aren’t low-res.

  • Lastly, it’s about quantity and quality. Show Filmmakers as much as you can – especially the awesome features in your description.

It’s super important to remember that Filmmakers aren’t just looking for pretty spaces; they’re looking for the weird and wonderful too. Think spooky homes fit for horror films, or an empty warehouse just waiting for an action-packed shootout.

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