Peace of mind for every shoot

We care about you, big time.

That’s why our #1 priority is ensuring a safe, rewarding and totally awesome experience for both hosts and filmmakers.

To give you peace of mind, our Filmspace Host Liability Insurance Policy, underwritten by Santam Limited, a free, no strings attached liability coverage plan for every booking made on our platform.

Here’s the deal:

R1,000,000 Coverage

Yup, you read that one right; one million bucks, on us. While shoots almost always go smoothly, if anything goes wrong, we (and you!) are covered by a whopping million Rand liability policy.

Designed for Filming

We’re 101% film-friendly, and so is our Filmspace Host Liability Insurance Policy. Our coverage is tailor-made for protecting property owners against Liability claims during and after film and photo shoots.

Free for Hosts

Why pay for peace of mind? Our policy is completely free and guaranteed for every booking made on our platform. Big rewards with none of the stress… what’s not to love?

Filmspace Host Liability Insurance FAQ

What is the Filmspace Host Liability Insurance Policy?

We provide a complimentary (as in free!) Filmspace Host Liability insurance Policy to protect Filmspace hosts against liability claims. It’s guaranteed up to a mind-blowing R1,000,000 for film location bookings that comply with our Terms of Service. Nice!

This fancy policy protects hosts from any nasty injury or property damage claims made by a filmmaker. Picture this: a super excited cameraman trips, hurts his ankle and absolutely wrecks his expensive camera. With the Filmspace Host Liability Insurance Policy, you (and Filmspace) are covered and protected against claims made by the filmmaker involved.

In short? Kick back and relax with your favourite cool drink: we’ve got you covered.

Are all bookings covered by Filmspace Host Liability Insurance?


Any and all bookings made through our platform are covered. No hassles, no grey hairs, just great cash in your pocket.

That said, it’s absolutely crucial (we really can’t stress this enough!) that you keep all communication and payment on the Filmspace platform. Any wheeling and dealing outside of Filmspace will not qualify for this coverage, and you will be fully responsible for any claims brought against you.

Does Filmspace Host Liability Insurance cover damages to my property?

While Filmspace doesn’t cover all types of damages, there is a nifty Production Insurance Policy which is pretty much industry standard.

Any unlikely damage to your property would generally be covered through the Production Insurance Policy, which the vast majority of filmmakers use on almost every shoot. This means that should there be any damage to your kids’ treehouse or your rather impressive TV, you’ll be absolutely covered through the policy. Total peace of mind at no cost to you. Nice!

From our side, we encourage any filmmaker using the platform to take out a separate Production Insurance Policy and ask that you always request a copy of their Production Insurance Policy. That way you’ll know what's what before shooting starts.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say a crew member trips and smashes your favourite pot plant. With the Production Insurance Policy, it’s up to the filmmaker to cover the costs.

Now, imagine that very same crew member trips again (facepalm!) and wrecks their camera on your second favourite pot plant. Our Filmspace Host Insurance Policy will then kick in and cover any camera repair costs.

Just be absolutely sure that you weren’t negligent (like resting pot plants on some a-grade braai wood) because then you will, in fact, be liable. The golden rule? Be transparent and communicate clearly about your Filmspace and any loose tiles, slippery floors or potentially iffy property features.

What’s protected by Filmspace Liability Host Insurance?

Our super-duper, totally amazing Filmspace Host Liability Insurance Policy covers:

  • Bodily Injury: Personal injuries sustained during a Filmspace booking by crew members and/or yourself.

  • Renter Property Damage: Loss of others’ property for which a host may be legally liable for (including rented property such as film equipment) during a Filmspace booking.

  • Medical Payments: Medical expenses as a result of an on-location injury.

  • Legal Defense: Legal expenses for any of the above claims made against the host.

Fine print is always important, and the above is subject to Terms & Conditions. Want to know more about the Filmspace Liability Host Insurance Policy? Get in touch today!

How does Filmspace Host Liability Insurance work with my existing insurance?

The Filmspace Host Liability Insurance Policy has been designed to provide coverage specifically related to film production. That said, it also enhances the coverage available under your existing business or homeowners policy. Consider it the Robin to your Batman, the Chandler to your Joey, the Blitz to your braai.

What if I am unsure if an incident qualifies for insurance?

Got questions? Want to make new friends? Get in touch with our team at any time for more info:


This insurance does not and should not replace the existing insurance you have purchased for your property.

This insurance does not apply to Mobile Space bookings.

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