Almost anyone!

With the high number of productions taking place in Mzansi, there’s a need for every type of spaces imaginable. Whether you own a trendy loft, a mansion, everyday townhouse, open-plan office, dusty caravan, recording studio or even a ridiculously cool airplane, there’s a production crew who just can’t wait to bring their ideas to life using your Filmspace.

What type of spaces can I list?

Warehouses, junkyards, trains and even nightclubs are playgrounds for creative minds; list your Filmspace today and you’ll find the right match.

Really, we’re talking caravans, planes, bikes, attics, everyday homes, offices, penthouses, professional studios, and and and! 

How do I know I can list my property?

Well, there are some ground rules. We aren’t fans of complicated, teeny-tiny Ts&Cs, so we’ll keep it short and sweet:

  • The location must be private property.

  • The location is accurately represented, and all details are crystal clear and correct. We don’t want to waste your time or that of an eager Filmmaker.

  • The location is super safe and poses no health or security risks to crews.

Not a property owner? You can still list your Filmspace as long as you have the required pre-approved paperwork from your body corporate or homeowner.

Remember to play nice as we’ll be forced to suspend or deactivate the account of those who don’t stick to the rules.

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