Filmspace is based on positivity, respect and transparency, and we want every hosting experience to reflect this. That’s why we’ve put together some useful tips, but when in doubt, follow the number one rule: be lekker.

1 - Safety first!

Please (like, pretty please!) keep things safe, always!

This means having a quick, reliable emergency exit that’s never, ever blocked.

Keeping hazardous chemicals off-site.

Not storing anything that might risk exploding or catching alight. For example, braai wood is cool and stuff if it's a part of the set, but don’t store tons of old Christmas trees on your stoep.

2 - Respect goes a long way

Don’t insult or be a pain. We’re a diverse bunch of people in South Africa, all sorts of weird and wonderful folk - rule of thumb: treat others the way you’d like to be treated.  

Play nice! Always be just friendly, excited and positive as the Filmmaker. After all, filmmakers are busy making their dreams come alive and you’re making great cash! Win, win!

3 - Keep it (kinda) on the down low

Everyone loves a good party, right? That said, keep the noise to respectful levels. We’re talking about not disturbing common spaces (like a shared office parking lot), disrespecting neighbours, or causin’ trouble with the law. This gives everyone a bad name and we take this seriously (big time!). 

4 - Honesty hour, all day, every day!

Okay, this is a no-brainer but you never know! Be yourself: the Filmspace community is based on transparency, quality and accuracy of our properties and renters, including all Filmmakers big and small

Please don’t provide a false name (Bond, James Bond) or date of birth, maintain duplicate accounts, or create an account if you’re under 18. Don’t worry, kid - you’ll get there soon enough.

Keep your Filmspace listing up to date with accurate photos and descriptions. Remember, you don’t need to portray your property as something it’s not. Be upfront and clear about custom fees - that’s why they’re there!

5 - Don’t be a ghost

The only good flake is covered in chocolate. Please be at the property when you say you will. Don’t go off the radar, switching your phone off, okay?. It’s a lil’ weird, and also makes for a lot of frustration on the day of shooting. Rather be there and take it all in.

Now, and this is a biggie, cancelling a booking should be a last resort. Unless there’s a massive emergency, please always follow through - everyone is amped to see your property and make the magic happen! Plus, who would pass on easy money?

6 - Intellectual property is a biggie

We’re all excited for the next superhero film, but don’t snoop! You’re welcome to enjoy the experience, but don’t be a snoop - no copying scripts, hiding weird recording equipment around the property, and anything else that could cause a leak of info! It’s about antici...pation! Wanna post some great Insta pics? Take a look at our social media policy for all the useful details.

And that’s a wrap!

Have a blast ‘cause remember, Filmspace really is all about the good times. Have fun, make cash, see how dreams are made, and hey, have a braai afterwards to celebrate - you deserve it!

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